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Books Summaries Done! almost

Four pages on iChing.Wiki site have a brief review of nearly all the I Ching translations and interpretation books in my collection. They range from scholarly to an author's idea of what the Hexagram readings mean.

There is no criticism; there is my attempt to distinguish the author in very broad categories. The pages are organized by the type of translation: Zhouyi, for books by scholars or people who know Chinese, without any ten wings commentary;

I Ching, for books which include at least an Image Statement from the ten wings;

Interpretations, for books that were done by either people who I saw no evidence they read Chinese or just commentary.

Finally, I created a page, Guides-Histories-and-Philosphies describing a few good books about the I Ching — guides, history, and the ideas that underly it.

If you have any comments or additions, please email me at Or, sign up as a member and then send me an email so I can give writing privileges - you want to blog, and you can provide your own commentary.



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