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Thank you for visiting — iChingWiki was created to make the  I Ching accessible and useful to you no matter what your outlook, be it pragmatic, psychological, mystical, religious, scientific, or something else. This ancient book has served all of these outlooks. 

If you are familiar with the classic, this site is here to help further your relationship with the Book of Changes and invite you to share your insights. Click here to join up as a member and participate in our blog.


The I Ching has been used and understood in many different ways through its 3,000-year plus history. In the end, the I Ching is meant to be used, intended to help you with practical problems, moral guidance, and spiritual development.

The I Ching has been called The Sage by some, The Oracle by others, and has been The Book of Changes for three millennia. 

I Ching Clarity


You tell the future every day.

• Imagine you are at a stoplight. 

• It turns yellow — you wait.

• Why did you wait?

• Because you knew it was going

to turn red — then turn green.

• But, HOW did you know? 



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I Ching of a Thousand Doors

You predicted it. You predicted it by observing how the world works. Your subconscious mind does this all of the time without you even being aware of it. 


The I Ching can help you extend this built-in ability in more complex situations. It works.

Yin Yang

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What is the I Ching?


The I Ching is an ancient Chinese book of divination and wisdom. It has been in continuous use for over 3,000 years. It is made up of 64 hexagrams. You will select one of these — the most popular method is to use three coins. 


The hexagram has six lines, either solid (called unbroken or undivided) or with a single dash (called broken or divided).


The I Ching is a living document. It has been used as a divination manual and a book of wisdom. It has been interpreted through many lenses — from seeking practical advice to seeking moral guidance; approached through the framework of a Daoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Christian, Mystic, and Psychologist. Click here to start your tour of the world's oldest method of divination in continuous use.

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Hexagram 37
Black and Red Right Arrow

Fear Not

The uncertainty of it all

   Not sure what to do .

One may not be able to master

   The facts of it all.

But one is able to master

   The art of living with

The Uncertainty of it all.

   For what is yin-yang?

Or the Yi of the book of changes?

   Its knowing that changes

Can be met

   with a still and compassionate heart.



Black and Red Right Arrow
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