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Book Summaries

This review includes the impressions of the books based on what I have learned so far. Some of which may be mistaken. Authors and publishers are invited to contact me at A reader who wants a book included which I missed is invited to submit for inclusion on this website.


The translation list is organized by translations by scholars, non-scholars, users with extensive knowledge, and translators who know the Chinese language and have undertaken to understand Old Chinese.  Those I have listed who I perceive as scholars because I have seen their literature, they seem to be translating from one of the Old Chinese texts or some other evidence. This is definitely a judgment call in some cases.

I have taken a shortcut with the Ten-Wings, the commentary added to the original Zhouyi, calling it a "Confucian Commentary," when, in fact, the Great Treatise, in particular, is a synergy of the Confucian,  Yin-Yang, Correlated Cosmology, and Daoist schools of through.


I distinguish between The Book of Changes with its Confucian Commentary (or Neo Daoist commentary) — the I Ching (or Yijing in Pinyin) — and the pre-Confucian text which is usually associated with the Zhou dynasty — the Zhouyi. The Zhouyi was Divination Manual, which most scholars believed were from sources composed of over several lifetimes and compiled with its Names, Judgment, and Line Statements.

I have a pretty complete collection of I Ching books and have included the most of ones that are translated by scholars and some others. If you have a question about an I Ching translation or interpretation, I probably have it, and will be happy to share what I know about it. Email me at