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I Ching Bibliography

A review of this bibliography will reveal that it includes references that go beyond a focus on the I Ching and beyond a set of references on Chinese philosophy. In order to get to the spirit of the I Ching of a Thousand Doors, I felt that the Book of Changes needed to be presented in the context of history, in comparison with some of the world's cultural and religious traditions, with interpretations rooted in the challenges of language and translation, and with an eye on modern science and psychology. An expert in none of these, the bibliography below represent the reading I have done over the decades and the focus on ancient Chinese classics in the last five years.  James R Olsen 


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     The cover and title page attributes authorship to Confucius


Dark's destiny,

     To become light,

         As the sun, 

            About to rise,

             Casts a light beam,

                  Over the east horizon


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