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A Multitude of Paths to the I Ching

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This page is meant to suggest how you might approach the I Ching. The ways listed are only a few of the thousands of cultural and spirtual traditions, beliefs, and faiths which inhabit the world. Further, it only represents what I have learned so far, which is likely to miss the point for many readers — I invite you give the I Ching a try with your own viewpoint. I have included links to sample references on occassion - the Bibliography has more.   Jim Olsen

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The I Ching has a long history of being approached from different perspectives, different ways of understanding the book. The Book of Changes has, through the ages not only given its wisdom but been given knowledge by its thoughtful and wise followers.

Scholars and sages in China developed what historians call Schools of Thought — each with its own way of interpreting the I Ching, each providing a commentary on the I Ching — spreading beyond China's boards and moving to the West.  

As the book moved west, Schools of Thought saw the classic to the world of Western Science, Psychology,  Religion, Mysticism, and many other world-viewpoints.


As you read the I Ching you will be participating in a long tradition to see it through your eyes, your traditions, mixing it up with the Daoist, Confucian, and Chinese Cosmology that lay within the text at the time it was written.