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Preparing for the I Ching


Prepare The Space click on objects

Paper and Pen to write your question and draw your hexagram.

Three Coins


Three coins, they can be pocket change or your favorite coins



Pen and Paper for drawing Hexagram


I Ching

Your I Ching book - see “Which Book? tab for ideas on which book or books work for you


I Ching

Your I Ching Journal

You will need an I Ching book, such as The I Ching by Wilhem/Baynes or one of the many others. You may wish to have a "Guide," as well. The Which Book Tab on this website has description of many of them.

A Journal is invaluable for learning how you and the "the Sage," "the Oracle," the I Ching interact. The date, the Hexagram, the lines, your question can then be a reference you get the same Hexgram later, or get a similar phrase in a different Hexagram..


Casting three coins is the most populer method to construct a hexagram. There are several others including manipulating 49 Yarrow Stalks.

   These are random: Carl Jung called it syncrnicity: there is no apparent cause and effect in the complex systems, the full understanding of the relations are hidden — the randomness is only apparent.

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My Table Is Set


Forming Your Question

The oldest recorded way to ask a

question is a tentative statement:

I intend to ..., or maybe not.

Or, I intend to .... What is likely to happen? 

You can also be to simply state what is on your mind, even a short stream of conciousness.

Prepare Your Mind

The I Ching will always answer question, but it will be inciteful if you prepare your mind in your own tradition — meditation, prayer, ritual sayings, or simple sitting still with yourself


Ask the Sage

Write you question or note what is on you mind.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


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