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I Ching Hexagram Matrix

Click on Hexagram to open window with reading from (Legge Translation)

Prepare                      Cast Coins                          Read The Text                    Examine The Image                   Online Reading

                                 Yarrow Stalks


A page from the will open for the hexagram reading. The Judgment is the first bolded text.


The non-bold text below it are the commentary on the Judgment and other commentary until the last non-bold paragraph before The Lines — This is the Image Statement.

The Line Statements are in bold and commentary on the line are below them non-bold.

You will almost always get some insight from the I Ching, buy tou will get much more if you buy one or more translations (see Which Book?), slow down, and prepare your mind for an authentic interaction with the Classic of Changes — with as little of the inevitable chattering Ego as you can manage. 


Yellowbridge links are with permission noted on the home page.


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