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Step by Step Consult the I Ching

The title 易經 has been called "I Ching" for some time, when English translators used a system developed around the turn of the 20th Century by Wade and Giles. A newer system sponsored by the People's Republic of China to make teaching English easier is knonw as Pinyin. 


易經 is Yi Jing. 易, Yi,  and I means "changes" and also "easy." 經, Ching, and Jing mean "great book" or "classic," so it is also found in titles for Dao de Jing as well as other sacred books such as the Holy Bible and the Noble Qur'an.

The book goes by other names, simply the Yi, or the Classic of Changes.

To use the I Ching, you first perpare, then use three coins to select one of the 64 Hexagrams, and then read the Hexagram.This site has a two ways to learn to use the I Ching

   • Click on the submenues above.

   • Take a step-by-step animated toutorial by clicking here.

You can get a quick on-line reading here or on Hilary Barrett's website here. There are a couple of sites that also have the Wilhelm/Byanes translation on-line, but that book seems to still be in copyright.


But, it is better to get a book, prepare your mind, and the consult the Yi — you are likely to get more out it that way.

Hexagram Using 3 Coins

Hexagram Using 3 Coins

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