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The Meaning of the Presidential Election

Two weeks ago we cast the I Ching in our small group

The question was: Who will win the Presidency?

37. Chia Jên / The Family [The Clan] above SUN THE GENTLE, WIND below LI THE CLINGING, FIRE THE JUDGMENT The 3000 Year old Prediction: THE FAMILY. The perseverance of the woman furthers. THE IMAGE The 2500 year old Confucian Commentary: Wind comes forth from fire: The image of THE FAMILY.Thus the superior person has substance in their words And duration in their way of life. THE RULERS of this hexagram are the Yang line in the Fifth place and Yin in the Second Place. The WOMAN discussed in the Judgment is represented by the YIN line in the Second Place - This is the Ruler who is acting with influencer who will drive the outcome if they maintain their moral compass in RESONANCE with the Strong Yang Line in line 5: This is the ruler constituted by the law and custom. 

I took awhile for me to understand this one. Initially it seemed to imply a Biden win, because he his language is less divisive than Trump - but it didn’t set well.  But the theme that is emerging from supporters of both candidates in their own ways is that if one sees Line 5 as the Ruling, Strong, Yang of the US Constitution - it implies that the candidates and their supporters are represented by the the Yielding, Receptive Yin line which, if they resonant with the Constitution we can move to a more unified national family.

Maybe its my inherent optimism - but that is where I am today.

Destiny is All.


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Sep 10, 2021

This was lovely to read



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