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I Ching Gets It Right! Feb 2020

Over a year ago, in February, Jim’s Book was ready to go and we had our first book reading at Chapter 1 Bookstore in Hamilton, Montana. It turns out the second one has not happened. The group had read the news, COVID was coming.

After reading a few passages, we did a group cast. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen. We cast the coins and got:

____ ____

____ ____ Hexagram 24

____ ____ Return/Turning Point

____ ____

____ ____



RETURN. Success

Going out and coming in without error.

Friends come without blame.

To and fro goes away. --- A lockdown in Montana was coming

On the seventh day comes return. --- This is the yin-yang cycle of the 6 line

It furthers to have somewhere to go. Hexagrams suggesting a return after a

cycle completes “return to normal” I suppose.


Thunder within the earth --- Bottom trigram Thunder

The image of THE TURNING POINT. inside Earth, top trigram

Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes --- And so the new kings closed the passes

At the time of solstice.

Merchants and strangers did not go about, --- Got that right

And the ruler

Did not travel through the provinces

SIX AT THE TOP --- Been awhile. I think we got a changing line

Missing the return. Misfortune. if I remember right

Misfortune from within and without.

If the armies are set motion in this way,

One will in the end suffer a great defeat,

Disastrous for the ruler of the country.

For ten years. --- ten years = a long time

It will not be possible to attack again.

The Confucian commentary on this line is:

The misfortune in missing the return lies in opposing the way of the superior man.

I will leave it to the reader to contemplate this, especially the SIX AT THE TOP, as we are on the cusp of entering the next stage of a COVID-19 response.

Wilhelm Translation.



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