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Hexagram 26 - The Taming Power of the Great

A small group that meets almost daily casts a group I Ching to contemplate the main question on everyone’s mind.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

Group Question articulated by W M. after some discussion regarding -

whether revolution will be internal or external H R. manipulated the Yarrow Stalks and received the following two trigrams.  TOP


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艮 Gèn Mountain Keeping Still, Resting. Correlated with: Northeast, third son, hand, excretory system, completion, wolf/dog, Uranus, Chinese Zodiac - Monkey, Chinese Elemental Force - Earth BOTTOM


----- •


乾 Qián HeavenThe Creative/Force. Correlated with: Northwest, father, head, spirit, strong/persisting, horse, Neptune, Chinese Zodiac - Sheep,  Chinese Elemental Force - Metal.

HEXAGRAM 64, with changing lines in the Third Place and the Fifth Place.


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-- --


----- •


大畜 Dà Chù (Ta Ch’u)* The Taming the Power of the Great* Da Chu is the Pinyin transliteration that is internationals standard. Ta Ch’u is the older Wade-Giles systems used by Western Scholars(and the Wilhelm Translation) in the 20th Century up until the 1990’s.䷙


THE TAMING POWER OF THE GREAT. Perseverance furthers.

Not eating at home brings good fortune.* It furthers one to cross the great water.

* Kunst in his literal translation puts good fortune as unconditional good fortune in his translation


Heaven within the mountain:


Thus the superior person** acquaints himself with many sayings of antiquity And many deeds of the past, In order to strengthen his character thereby.

** Wilhelm and others translates  君子 as superior man, but this is an artifact of European languages which insist on a gender (as in mankind).  has no gender and is translated by others as person. Confucius explicitly rose the idea of noble inheritance,  君子, literally meaning noble person’s child, to a term meaning an educated moral person. 


Nine in the third place means. A good horse that follows others. Awareness of danger, With perseverance, furthers. Practice chariot driving and armed defense daily.  It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Six in the fifth place means:

The tusk*** of a gelded boar.

Good fortune.

*** Kunst in his literal translation translates this a Fang.


After some thought, it was clear the revolution has to begin within us, fostered by going back to our spiritual roots, letting go of the yang forcefulness which

wants to rise up in a political dialog. Then we can non-violently affect society.

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Your on to something. Wish I could join the group in person.



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