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I Ching: Meditation Transformed to Action

I heard a great presentation this week by Dave Shultz about spiritual evolution. The practice of meditation is one of the important ways to further spiritual growth. Many, many involve a quiet or group practice, sitting quietly.

The thing is, I know a lot of people who walk out of such a practice and are slammed with the this-world’s demands for action — now — reeling, wondering how to apply what they just learned.

The I Ching is the answer. When preparing myself with meditation, then connecting it with my question of what to do next, the I Ching becomes my guide for transforming the Four Noble Truths into the Eightfold Path of action, turning my sense of Divine Will into the moment in front of me, turning my spiritual beliefs into the concrete actions required of everyday life. It works.

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I think the Iching is very fascinating and can be a great tool when making a decision. Because it can be interpreted in many different ways, it can give every person individual advice about what they should do. I used the Iching to help me make a decision and the way that I chose to interpret it led me to the decision that I am glad I made.



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