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The History of Science East and West

Ancient Philosophers of the Land of the West observed the things of nature, and thought,

"There must be a smallest thing," and they called it Atom. It was the Atom of Things.

“A complicated thing is made up of simpler things, so that is how we shall describe the world we see.”

But before the smallest thing, before the thought called Atom, ancient Sages in the Land of the East saw nature and wondered at the Way things changed: the sun rises and falls - changing, but remains the same thing; the moon shines in the night - changing, but stays the same. “There must be a pattern,” The Changing of Things. “Everything changes according to its nature, so that is how we shall describe the world we see.”

These Philosophers and Sages created their Schools of Thought, and their progeny continued thinking these Thoughts through the ages.

In the Land of the East, The Thinkers of Change glimpsed the mysterious Agents of Nature. They saw the changing patterns creating harmony - dancing in a hidden synchrony. They created images to see what they said, lines, broken and unbroken, dark and light, penetrating and receptive. They saw Synchronicity.

They called this The Law of Change.

In the Land of the West, The Creators of Atoms created symbols and rules; they called it Mathematics. They used these symbols and rules to describe those simpler things that made up the complicated thing.

But Atoms were not enough. The Thinkers of Atoms saw that their Atoms moved, fell, bounced, and slid; they called this Energy. Ah, but then they felt urgency to master this Energy, doing much work to describe it, describe it precisely with the symbols they made, intricately arranging them to see what they said.

They were rewarded: it gave them the power to manipulate the Atoms of Things. It made them the Makers of Machines; And they made Machines of Wonder.

But Nature whispered of mysteries to the Makers of Machines. This mystery disturbed them; they felt an urgency to master it. So they did much work, inventing new symbols and arrangements.

Again they were rewarded. It gave them the power to glimpse the mysteries of Nature, mysteries which no longer needed to be whispered.

When they looked upon this, they saw The Law of Change



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