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I Ching of a 1,000 Doors

Somewhere in the world is a building made of 1,000 doors. It reminds me that the I Ching, in its 3,000 year journey with humankind has been approached by people from many, many traditions...

•••• from humans who saw the world full of spirits with whom they had to work with to make the processes of nature work — thus the need to perform the right ritual and prepare the correct sacrifice.

•••• to the followers of Laozi who saw the world working in accordance with the Laws of Change — everything changing according to its nature,

•••• to Confucius and his followers who saw the I Ching as a path to a moral life,

•••• to Christian missionaries who translated the book to Latin and English,

•••• to Mystics who saw magic in it,

•••• to psychologists who write about it as a therapeutic tool in Psychology Today,

•••• and to this engineer, who the more he understands about Western science, the more he has to admit that there is more to the human experience than the answers delivered by current science.

My purpose is to introduce what I have learned about the I Ching, honoring all of the ways of approaching the Sage — and I am sure there are at least a thousand of them.



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