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The Earth ䷁ Lies Asleep

The Law of Change that is ever-present in the I Ching is rooted in the relationship between The Earth, Hexagram 2 and the Heavens, Hexagram 1, The Creative. In addition to the 64 Hexagram Readings that someone casting coins will receive, the I Ching contains The Great Treatise, an essay which discusses the principles upon which the I Ching operates for example:

The Creative, Heaven knows great beginnings

The Receptive, Earth, completes things....

The Creative is easily understood.

The Receptive is easily followed.

When someone asked to describe Earth in as the solstice nears, this came to my mind:

Earth/Kun/I Ching Hexagram 2 — all broken/divided lines.

It is the Receptive, which can only be activated by The Creative, Heaven, Qian.

The heavens are mostly dark, giving its light only briefly.

Thus, the earth lies quiet, cold, resting, waiting

for the Yin-Yang cycle to turn toward sunlit heavens

knowing the time will come

when the Heavens activate it, wake it,

so, together they will renew.

So The Earth lies almost still,

its preparations for the wakening hidden from view.



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