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What is the Truth?

Sung by Johnny Cash in a surprise twist at the Nixon Whitehouse. I turns out that the adrenaline filled excitement created a dense fog that overwhelmed the truth. The addiction to self-indulgence, money, and wars fought by someone else are still with us. Could it be: addicted and don’t even know it?

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Jim Olsen
Jim Olsen
23 mar 2019

Truth: Is False the opposite? Who knows; it is only when The False becomes The Lie that it is easier to define. It is a matter of intent of the speaker in relation to others — the intents are numerous, but have much in common — to manipulate what the others will think and do by saying what the speaker does not themself believe, knowingly withholding information they know would be useful to the other, even fooling themselves so that they believe their own falsities. When speech meets this test, one depends on a cosmic accident of coincidence to make it the truth.

The truth has always been hard to pin down by the philosophers. Descartes even questioned the truthfulnes…

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