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Random Page from my I Ching Journal

But there is more to it than this
HEXAGRAM 6 ䷅ CONFLICT. But there is more to it than this.

Hexagram 6, Conflict/Strife. The image of Heaven and Water go in opposite directions in one translation, while Margaret Pearson, The Original I Ching, translates it "The sky with water pouring down: the image of strife. You [Superior Person] should take on a new direction only after careful consideration of its beginnings."

Oh my, the on-going legal conflict, my lawyer and I had planned for the next hearing?

Pearson's translation of the Judgment.

If you are sincere in your regrets, take the middle way, and you will have good fortune. If you persist to the end, you face disaster. You ought to seek the advice of someone greater than you are. Crossing the great river [attempting a major change] is ineffective.

Going beyond the ladder of emotional interactions, those attachments to outcomes, and reaching for the spiritual world put all of those fears and doubts to bed.

I write a little American Haiku for my previous cast when I do the next one, often knowing the outcome. Just before the hearing:

Duck swimming against

Wind and wave, stopped. Must wait.

See a better way.

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Steampunk Moog
Steampunk Moog
02 de fev. de 2019

Is the journal your I Ching questions. What kind of information should I put in a journal?



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